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Greetings, readers, and welcome to the Viora London team! We are a group of talented and dedicated individuals who are passionate about fragrance and dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience.


Andrew Radford

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Creative Director & Writer

For over 30 years, Andrew has been a passionate fragrance enthusiast, scent collector, Youtube reviewer and fragrance blogger. Since 1987, his work has allowed him to travel all over the world to experience exotic aromas.

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Ingrid Visockiene

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Chief Editor & Writer

Ingrid is a full-time fragrance blogger and chief editor who has worked with several prestigious perfume houses. She spends her time visiting perfumeries and reviewing countless fragrances for the Viora London website and Youtube channel.

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Ellisa Louise James

Ellisa Louise James

Fragrance Writer

Ellisa is a fragrance writer for Viora London and a recent addition to the team. Ellisa has a background in scented candle making and enjoys walks with her dog, cooking, reading, the countryside, & gardening.

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Sheree Crawford

Sheree Crawford

Freelance Writer

Over the last decade in the business, I have turned my pen to projects of every type and
size. From ghostwriting fiction to contributing to niche blogs, running through all of this, however, my love of fashion and fragrance.

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How To Get In Touch

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